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Malahat Highway
by Carmichael /Wickham

Feather Fingers

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by D.Wickham , B. Monk

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by R. Kempf

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by D. Wickham B. Monk
by D.Wickham T. Dunn
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Feather Fingers CoverD'Arcy's newest release,“Feather Fingers” is a compilation of songs of personal journeys about real people leading real lives. “You don’t know what you lost until it’s gone”, and not taking anything for granted are dominant themes of this acoustic-based release. Listeners will find the recording aptly titled, as D’Arcy’s fingers take flight across the strings with tremendous spirit.

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Dust and Loneliness is a true storyteller’s album, a collection of songs that speak of real people, leading real lives. The title track describes a woman who has seen her dreams drift away with time (“She’s got dust and loneliness for home sweet home”). The haunting Right Or Wrong depicts a love gone wrong, while the strolling acoustic rhythms of All Of Your Faces are an ironic accompaniment to a tale of betrayal. Adam is a spiritual exploration of original sin, while Welcome To This World is a simple, yet surprisingly powerful ode to a newborn child.

Dust and Lonliness CoverUnderway is one of two instrumental tracks on the album, and paints a wordless picture of regret, while Wickham’s talents for insightful observation are distinctly obvious with In The Blink Of An Eye. Wickham talks of how his songwriting comes from an ability to vicariously place himself in someone else’s mind, and to see the world through their eyes. Nowhere on the album is that more evident than with Heartache In The History, a song co-written with Thomas, dedicated to the Lundy Estate Home in Niagara Falls, a building that once served as a makeshift hospital during the War of 1812. Wickham manages to speak to generations past and present with the song, which echoes with painful regret. Wickham’s superb guitar picking is on display with New England Rag, a song destined for the comforting quiet of a Sunday morning. And Wishing You Were Here hums with cherished optimism, and provides a quietly inspiring denouement to the album.


Here are just a few of the things that people are saying about D'Arcy Wickham and his CD's:

Feather Fingers:

The Live Music Report Review

D’arcy Wickham has a fine new CD entitled Featherfingers. Three of the eleven tracks are his fingerpicking-style instrumental compositions. The brief title track is a lucid, lyrical melody, lively, warm and appealing. Read more ...

The Weekender Review

Mar. 6, 2005

Having seen both the good and the bad sides of the music business throughout his three-plus decades as a performer, D'Arcy Wickham is prepared for whatever the future holds. Read more ...

"What's On Disc" Review

Veteran Toronto guitarist, music teacher and singer/songwriter D’Arcy Wickham’s latest is both a tasty showcase of his exceptional facility with all styles of guitar picking, from elegant folk to atmospheric blues, and of his gifts as a composer of comfortingly retro, acoustic-based pop songs. Read more ...

Canada Free Press

For those that enjoy good old-fashioned guitar music, there is something new in store, from an artist that has been part of the music industry for decades. Canadian singer, songwriter, and guitarist DÕArcy Wickham has now finished an independent album, which took a large amount of thought and hard work to complete. Read more ...

"A hugely successful evening. Thank you for choosing Hugh's Room for your CD Release."

" D'Arcy is one of the most respected and liked musicians in the Toronto musical community."

" Beautiful guitar playing!"

Holmes Hooke, Booking Manager, Hugh's Room

Dust and Loneliness:

If all the young guitarists who had been taught by Wickham were to line up for a performance, they'd probably fill Maple Leaf Gardens. The man's been playing since the early ’70s, worked with Ian Thomas in the Painted Ladies days, released a couple of singles, and then retreated into his teaching business. Now, all these years later, he went back to Thomas and persuaded him to produce this record. It's a nice, quiet, understated AC effort with the occasional nod towards country. If you need some better-known names to compare him with, try Jackson Browne or John Hiatt without an edge. The title track is the winner, but all his students will relish a couple of skilful instrumentals. No question: The man can play.

Richard Flohil, NOV. 3/00 CKOT Tillsonburg ON

"I listened to the D'Arcy Wickham CD and what you've got is probably a critical success. He is a really gifted picker and a good songwriter and singer too! So, yeah, it's kind of an underground hit, if you will… I think you'll do well with critics hopefully, and good luck to you on it."

George Walker

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