by Darya Kotova reprinted by ‘Canada Free Press’ – For those that enjoy good old-fashioned guitar music, there is something new in store, from an artist that has been part of the music industry for decades. Canadian singer, songwriter, and guitarist D’Arcy Wickham has now finished an independent album, which took a large amount of thought and hard work to complete. The album, Feather Fingers, is mellow, pensive, and meaningful music, with poetry that speaks of personal growth and reflects on the content of one’s character. Wickham had successfully overcome the challenge of putting together a 10-song CD that is both easily listenable, and memorable.

The sound presented in this album is soft, acoustic, with distinct country and folk influences that will be welcome among the admirers of those genres. Although Wickham demonstrates expert skill at music and vocals, his songs are immediately accessible, with neither the unnecessary simplicity, nor the unnecessary complications. There are great tunes to be encountered on this recording, from the opening “Malahat Highway”, to the title track “Feather Fingers”. That particular, entirely instrumental, song displays intricate guitar sound that is missed in the works of most recent artists. The album turns to the traditions that made music so great in the past, rather than to the formulas of today.

D’Arcy Wickham values focused songwriting very much, since it is a crucial aspect in crating impressive music. Feather Fingers features great quality lyrics as much as excellent guitar skill. His vocals spin tales of changes in personality, following the things Wickham has endured and enjoyed in his life. There is a distinct feeling of realness in Wickham’s songs, which can only be delivered by a person that has lead an eventful and purposeful life, with many things to tell and share.

Feather Fingers does indeed feature the skill that has been acquired over a long while, as well as a natural talent. D’Arcy Wickham is a born-to-be entertainer, who has been performing nearly for his entire life. Ever since he started playing guitar at the age 14, he became fascinated with the art of musicmaking enough to sustain the wish to play until today. He started out playing music at parties and dances, later at coffee shops, then began touring with various bands, after which he put a lot of effort into the rewarding job of teaching music. He has worked with many other renowned musicians, including Ian Thomas and Sarah McLachlan. This is only a brief summary of D’Arcy Wickham’s life so far, which inspired his newest record.

Whether or not you are familiar with D’Arcy Wickham’s work, his teaching, or the story of him life, I highly recommend that you check out this enchanting record. Both relaxing and thought-provoking, it is bound to appeal to your musical side.

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