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D’Arcy Wickham is a Canadian singer/songwriter

“D’Arcy Wickham is a Canadian singer/songwriter whose proficient finger-picked acoustic guitar style has been recognized as one of the best in the country. His deep musical roots have led him to work as a guitar instructor for over three decades, but it wasn’t until 2000 that he’d release “Dust and Loneliness,” his first solo recording.… Read more “D’Arcy Wickham is a Canadian singer/songwriter”

Brian O'Sullivan

An acclaimed fingerstyle guitar picker and elemental songwriter

An acclaimed fingerstyle guitar picker and elemental songwriter, D’Arcy Wickham not only demonstrates an impressive command of instruments and voice, he is also a professional instructor who has taught headline performers and had students referred to him by icons of the Canadian music scene.

Gary 17, Editor

D’Arcy is my Guru!

D’Arcy is my guru of the acoustic guitar since the 1980’s. His true love and ability on the instrument and inspiring sharing of theory and technique gratefully worked it’s musical magic on me.

David Crighton

Canada Free Press on Featherfingers

For those that enjoy good old-fashioned guitar music, there is something new in store, from an artist that has been part of the music industry for decades. Canadian singer, songwriter, and guitarist DÕArcy Wickham has now finished an independent album, which took a large amount of thought and hard work to complete.

Darya Kotova
Canada Free Press

D’Arcy Wickham is a master teacher

D’Arcy Wickham is a master teacher. He has generously helped me in all aspects of my career as a singer-songwriter: guitar techniques, arrangements, lyric writing, and singing.

Howard Buckstein

Dust and Lonliness

If all the young guitarists who had been taught by Wickham were to line up for a performance, they’d probably fill Maple Leaf Gardens. The man’s been playing since the early ’70s, worked with Ian Thomas in the Painted Ladies days, released a couple of singles, and then retreated into his teaching business. Now, all… Read more “Dust and Lonliness”

Richard Flohil
CKOT Tillsonburg ON

A crucial mentor and fantastic teacher

D’Arcy is an extraordinary guitar player and has been a crucial mentor and fantastic teacher to me for the last 10 years of my life. He is astonishingly dedicated to his students and will go out on a limb to make sure they understand difficult concepts in the way that works for them. Most of… Read more “A crucial mentor and fantastic teacher”

Elias Rabinovich

A Beautiful Guitar Player

D’Arcy is one of the most respected and liked musicians in the Toronto musical community.  Beautiful guitar playing!

Holmes Hook

He is a really gifted picker …

I listened to the D’Arcy Wickham CD and what you’ve got is probably a critical success. He is a really gifted picker and a good songwriter and singer too! So, yeah, it’s kind of an underground hit, if you will… I think you’ll do well with critics hopefully, and good luck to you on it.

George Walker

Amazing Teacher

I am very happy to say that D’Arcy Wickham is an amazing guitar teacher. Without D’Arcy I would never have been as musically inclined as I am today. Whatever talent i have on guitar is due to his patience and teaching.

David Stirling

The Live Music Report

D’arcy Wickham has a fine new CD entitled Featherfingers. Three of the eleven tracks are his fingerpicking-style instrumental compositions. The brief title track is a lucid, lyrical melody, lively, warm and appealing.

The Live Music Report Review
The Live Music Report Review

Toronto Star on ‘Featherfingers’

Veteran Toronto guitarist, music teacher and singer/songwriter D’Arcy Wickham’s latest is both a tasty showcase of his exceptional facility with all styles of guitar picking, from elegant folk to atmospheric blues, and of his gifts as a composer of comfortingly retro, acoustic-based pop songs.

What's On Disk
Toronto Daily Star Newspaper

One of the Finest Guitar Teachers

D’Arcy Wickham is one of the finest and most patient guitar teachers I’ve ever had. Not only is he extremely knowledgable and experienced, his hands-on approach is exceptional and because of this, I am on my way to being a proficient guitar player, fulfilling one of my life long dreams!

Adrian Currie

D’Arcy’s Student for 2 Years

I have been a student of darcy for the past 2 years learning the bass guitar,not only is he a good musician of various instruments but a fine teacher who takes the time to learn something new and is patient teaching it.

Patrick Gouveia

D’Arcy’s a great teacher

I first studied with D’Arcy as a teenager, a long time ago. When I decided to pick up the guitar again a few years back, I returned to D’Arcy for lessons. Besides being what the old blues people would call a Guitar King (a great player), D’Arcy’s a great teacher. Crucially, he’s passionate about learning… Read more “D’Arcy’s a great teacher”

D. Adam

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